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Why is a girl cheating on a guy okay....

toxicwinner answered:

because look at the moon and the sun. the moon is very masculine; dark, cold, got a foot print on it. the sun is very feminine; bright, firey, orange. this represents the natural order of humanity. the sun cheats on the moon all the time with all the other planets. the moon remains faithful. why? because its the natural order


And gay people are unnatural because magnets, right?










This is probably the last comic I’m going to make about sexism in GotG, although I still have plenty of other things to poke fun at. (Also, I forgot what Nova Prime wears in the movie and I only found a few pictures of her so I could be wrong…)

Did you even watch the movie you newt?

Gamora proved time and time again that she’s an incredibly capable fighter. I don’t see where you saw that she had to get saved because she was an incompetent fighter. In fact the only two times she really “lost” was when she was electrocuted and when her ship exploded. And also Drax but do you really think it’s that much of an injustice that a massive rage machine of an alien would over power her? That’s like being pissed off that black widow didn’t take down the hulk.

And seriously. Nova Prime? You’re gonna make her seem like the victim of the patriarchy when she runs her own planet because her army was incapable of taking down Ronan before the Guardians did? Do you know how politics works? She went to the Knee government with whom she had a peace treaty with and said “so your dude is killing my people can you stop that?” And they said “nah that’s your problem” then literally DAYS later Ronan is on her front steps moments away from obliterating her planet. She had no warning prior to this minus one single message that was delivered to a lower officer hours before the attack. The ONLY people who were capable of even doing anything helpful were the Guardians and the pirates. And did you see what Ronan did to the fleet that Nova Prime sent? After initially delaying him he just blew right past them because he had a magical planet destroying stone.

Stop making a fucking superhero movie into some feminist fuel you fucking nuisance of a human.

This illustration makes me cringe

Not to mention the fact the you had female characters run to a male character so that the male character can destroy the patriarchy.

Feminists are really good at taking strong female characters and making them seem weak and helpless because they have ~flaws~

Not to mention Groot is neither male nor female….

Plus, “patriarchy” is about ruling because penis, and not only is Groot penisless, but the only one in the movie to directly sacrifice their own life for the cause of the ethical victory. I wonder if protecting all those dudes and one woman is and example of “the patriarchy backfiring”. lol OP is seriously lacking in the way of intelligent analysis here, and it’s hilarious.

Its almost like OP watched a totally different movie.

I never thought anything related to Guardians of the Galaxy would make me cry. What the fuck OP. (tags: delusional, crazy people)